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Truly Honest Feedback wearing colorful yoga leggings inspired by Blue lotus flower
I wore the leggings for practice. I love them ❤️ They fit so well and stayed in place while I practiced - and the colors are beautiful!
Trisha Rachoy@trachoy_yoga

Yoga Wear

We collected in one place our most popular Yoga Wear, such as Yoga Pants, Yoga Capri Leggings, Sport Bras and T-Shirts

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Blue Pansy Butterfly

This collection is inspired by the eye catching Blue Pansy Butterfly. Its distinctive eclectic mix of print is highly reminiscent of the blue peacock with a pop of orange color. Spread your wings out like a butterfly by sporting the unique collection inspired by such a beauty!

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Blue Lotus Flower

The Blue Lotus is a sight to behold, much like our latest sportswear collection condensing its essence. Also known by the names of Sacred Blue Lily, this is coined to be the ancient Egyptian dream flower, known to be consumed for the spiritual experience it brings about. This is your chance to bloom like a flower, show everyone what you’ve got with this unique collection!

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Emperor Angelfish

Bold, bright and absolutely stunning. This is what comes to mind when describing our collection, inspired by Emperor Angelfish, keeping in mind its unique colors and pinstripes which glide through. Take chances and show your uniqueness to the world with this captivating collection!

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San Francisco Garter Snake

Showcasing the epitome of bold colorful stripes in our latest collection, this is inspired by the magnificent San Francisco Garter Snake. It is famously known as being the most beautiful serpent that is found in North America. Be confident in your own skin and let that be know by wearing this inspired collection!

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Lilac-breasted Roller Bird

The Lilac-breasted Roller seems like a beautiful watercolor painting brought to life. With greenish-blue, to yellow, violet and pinkish lilac tones all encapsulated into one, it is an exceptionally beautiful creature, which soars in the open skies with all its might. Express your freedom and ability to fly with a collection as beautiful as this one!

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We mean what we say, and we always stand by our words. Nature is the inspiration for everything we do and design. That’s why, together with you, we’re doing everything we can to restore its beauty and vigor. We actively contribute to change our planet for the better by being a member of the 1% for the Planet family, which means that part of our sales will be donated to keep nature safe and beautiful, and make it feel like home for everyone.

Let’s bring colors into the world together!