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We offer web site design & tailored web applications such as "shopping carts", web hosting and more... for LESS THEN WHAT YOU THINK !


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About Khameleo


What's Going On at Khameleo

A new look for Khameleo

  • March 2015

  • Khameleo is proud to present its new image with the release of our new adaptive web site. Our customers can now access our site from a complete range of devices (desktops, smart phones, tablets,...) with the same look & feel and the same features.

New ISP console

  • June 2013

  • Khameleo upgrade to the new release of ISPConfig, its ISP (Internet Service Provider) console which is an OpenSource web hosting control panel running under Linux. This world class panel offers the possibility to manage a multi-server environment (virtual or physical). Our clients have access to all the flexibility they need when hosting their web site on our infrastructure.


Brand new Customer Section

  • June 2011

  • A brand new customer section and interface is now available for Khameleo customers. First, all transactions made through the new interface are encrypted with SSL such as banking transactions.

    Next, our customers have access to their account with our console where they can configure email addresses, spam and mail forward specs, black list, etc. Finally, users can also access emails with our webmail application or manage their apps databases.

    See it over here...